Living Truthfully

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There are many fundamentals that you will connect to in this lifetime, some of them easier than others, but are all equally achievable. Otherwise what would be the point of striving for them right? Some of them you have already, these are your strengths, things that come naturally to you….

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What questions to ask a Psychic Medium?

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Personal relationships are often the primary focus that people are most interested in shedding some light on. Often they centre around your current partner, how can we improve our relationship? Will our relationship last? Will we have children? If there are challenges in place, what is the purpose of them?…

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Bumps and Bruises: Arms

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A weak feeling or ache in the arms is often connected to an emotional difficulty in carrying out new tasks or duties. Although a very big part of you might be feeling as though you can manage the new responsibilities alone, there is still some need for help from others,…

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