11.11 what does it mean?


Slow down or speed up, it is literally telling you that time is a big factor in a particular area of your life that needs adjusting, because you are either going too slowly, or too fast.


You will know which side of the coin it is referring to, it’s not difficult to decipher, because there will be something on your mind that you have been thinking a lot about, wether it be that it is time for a career change, yes, you should really start writing that book asap, or if you need to put the brakes on something that you are not quite ready for but are rushing head first into it anyway, maybe a relationship is going too fast, maybe you should put off the engagement for another year, or on the other hand maybe you have been putting it off and it’s time that you said yes. Maybe you have taken the steps to take on something new, and it’s not quite right for you just yet. So, the next time that you see these numbers on the clock stand out, it is a sign just for you, a way for your guides to say, ‘hey, take  a moment to think about what you are doing’ and decide there and then to make those changes.

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