Action is perhaps the greatest healer of not only the mind, but of the body and the soul.

Little could be done without it, and each of us in our own small way contribute towards making our lives and the lives of the people around us richer, fuller and more enjoyable by this one thing alone.

How often have you put things off until tomorrow, or found yourself waiting for the time to be right to get things started? Plans are too often left idle, lying in the depths of the mind, sitting there waiting for what you may deem to be the ‘perfect conditions’.

No matter how large or small the task, the act of delaying alone can have a negative impact on your life. Stagnation can create an unnecessary burden, and weigh so heavily upon your mind that each time you think about what you haven’t done, it becomes next to impossible to think about it without the feelings of disappointment and regret foremost in your mind.

Harbouring these feelings can inturn create negative energy, energy that could be put to better use elsewhere. Positive action can only be instigated by you and you alone. We know this to be true. Yet perversely, the extent of the damage that we can apply to our lives by not facilitating change can begin to slowly destroy any real chance of growth, keeping potential future happiness at bay if not properly turned around.

Personal development is something that we all strive for, whilst some walk, others run. It is not the speed with which you should concern yourself with, but the consistency of a constant pace.

Living well is setting the wheels in motion, you will instantly recognise the load to be lighter, which will then allow you to feel happier and more in control of your life.

By implementing a step a day towards a long awaited goal is a step towards fulfilment. Achievements are a blessing, for it gives you the desire and the impetus to keep going. once the ball is rolling there is no stopping it.

If you only do one thing today, put something into motion. Starting is everything.

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