Give some Thought to the Little Things

By June 20, 2013Weekly Blog


There are numerous moments that make up an average day, and most of them are filled with precious moments of silent prayer, that are so automatic, that we hardly notice that they are there at all.

It is these moments that we all benefit from, and by becoming more aware of  just how important they are  – you will be able to give yourself the much-needed opportunity to experience regenerating bursts of health to your, mind, body and spirit.  Helping you to stay at your best – and to make it possible to keep a positive outlook throughout the day.

Drinking Water* – With every glass you drink you are not only giving your body thanks, but you are mentally giving yourself a dose of health that comes with a healthy thought. It is impossible to drink a glass of water without acknowledging the important role that it plays in your physical and mental well-being.

A cup of Tea – It is quietly giving yourself a little present by giving you a moment to quietly reflect on your day. Tea calm the nerves, and gives you the opportunity to centre your thoughts.

Cigarettes** – Scandalous to some, but stepping out for a cigarette is akin to having a mini holiday – where you can let your mind wander to a different place. It’s allowing you to take a break – which is an important aspect of bringing balance to your day. It’s important to remember to not feel guilty, and to enjoy the moment for what it is – whether it is a feeling of private naughtiness, or simply just a break – feel good about it.

Walking – The simple act of walking is therapeutic beyond belief, it invigorates your senses and brings you closer to nature. It could just be to the letterbox or the corner store.  It is a rare walk that does not entice one to look at the trees – which in itself – fills you with a feeling of wonderment at things that we often take for granted. Giving thanks by way of appreciation to our natural surroundings is a sure way to realign your body and soul.

Bath/Shower –  The best tonic for a realignment, a cleansing of the body and the mind in one fell swoop. It’s the one place where you can let everything go, and emerge feeling rested, relaxed and clear of all of the thoughts that had cluttered your mind during the day.

Before you Sleep – Positive thought***. There is a moment just before you sleep where you have the opportunity to give a silent mental hug to those that you love – and if you like – this can extend to your neighbours and the rest of the world. More often than not it is directed at those within your immediate family circle. Giving the ones that you love a moment of silent prayer for their health and well-being is a great way to align yourself for a restful sleep. It is a moment of acknowledgment that they are in your thoughts and that you havent forgotten them. Positive affirmations just before you sleep should also extend to yourself – thoughts of what you would like to achieve – long term and short term – is a great way to create a pathway for the road ahead.

*Here’s a neat article about other great benefits of drinking water by Ladies Home Journal writer Susan Hall.

**Including cigarettes in my post was meant to elicit a sense of scandal for both smokers and non-smokers so I hope you enjoyed it! Speaking of scandals we all enjoy a little gossip and indulging in other people’s affairs. There is an upside and a recent psychological study has proven it. Like anything, don’t over indulge.

*** I like to remind people that positive thought should also include imagination and one of my favorite quotes regarding imagination comes from Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Here are a bunch of other inspirational Einstein Quotes. I like this site because you rate, tag and share his brilliant and insightful thoughts.

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