A is for an Analytical Approach to Life

By March 6, 2013Weekly Blog


We would all like to be at the top of our game, to excel in our chosen fields, to live well, eat well, and love well. We all have ideal scenarios in our minds of how a perfect life should be. But how many of us are living up to those ideals on a daily basis? And if you’re not, then it may be time for a more analytical approach to find out why, and to see what you can do in order to make it a reality.

The approach that you take when thinking about your life is largely dependent on the intent behind your thought process – and how you feel about yourself whilst your going about your day-to-day routine is the sole underlying factor in how that process plays out. Feeling good about yourself and your decisions are such an integral part of doing things well, that I am sure it comes as no surprise that there are certain things that you need to have in place first in order for the other things in your life to come to fruition.

Just take a look to the people who you pass on the street or commute with on the train travelling to and from work. The ones who stick out are usually at the top of their game, it’s not just great hair or a great dress sense, it is everything combined that contributes towards looking and feeling good.

An easy way to cross check yourself for this quality is quite simple, take a moment to look at your clothes, your shoes, your hair, your energy, are feeling good about yourself? If you were to be put into a room with all of your favourite people – and by all means go crazy with this thought – could you stand on your own two feet comfortably, or would you feel less than the best you know you could be?

It could be that your clothes aren’t as sharp as you would like them to be, your hair could do with a touch up or your desire to have new shoes is over whelming, these are things that can you fix almost straight away. Internal changes are a little different but changes can be implemented just the same and with as much immediacy. How do you feel about your achievements to date? Do you love your career? Do you smile enough? Are you happy with the way that you connect with your family, your children, your partner? Are you satisfied with your day? And remember it is not the quantity, but the quality of the things that you do that count.

By analysing the present moment and using your ideals as a guide  – use the simple strategy of changing one thing at a time that’s not quite right – to something that is better – whether it’s your appearance, a smile, a healthier snack option, your career choices or the time that you spend with the people in your life,  you can engage in the moment and change things – from mediocre to great.

Organization is king, by scheduling in regular hair appointments, shopping trips or taking on a new role that will enable you to get one step closer to your ideal career, you are then able to go on and begin to maintain these areas of your life on a regular basis, and you will wonder how you ever got by before, because if you look good, you feel good, and if you go on to follow the pursuit of excellence in everything that you do, you are actively pursuing a better path for yourself, and providing a better future for everyone.

Because once you have achieved this, you will find that what you are showing the world, as an individual – is the importance of trying your best at all times – no matter what it takes –  to be the best that you can possibly be – that you care enough to make a difference – because when you strive for quality – you are paving the way for the future to ensure that there is less crap, and more quality and in equal measures.

The way to the top lies in your hands – by taking the time to analyse how you feel about the way you present yourself, you are actively pursuing a better path for yourself, and providing a better future for everyone.

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