Tammy Moir is a full-time medium and writer.

Tammy’s work merges her business and passion together by teaching the fundamentals of presence to raise awareness and transform all of life’s bumps and bruises into mindful moments. “I love what Tammy says about being in the present moment and course correcting” Arianna Huffington.

Tammy has contributed as a regular columnist for Australia’s prestigious Nature & Health magazine, Australian Natural HealthHuffington Post and most recently collaborated with Branch Nebula redefining communication in the Australian Premiere 2018 Keir Choreographic awards.

Tammy advises with businesses and individuals to help create a more present and fulfilling life.

She is currently working on ‘Things My Grandmother Taught Me’ and the compendium ‘Practical Guide to Dreams’.

A native of New Zealand, Tammy currently resides in Sydney Australia.