The Importance of Books, Music and Media

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There is an emphasis within society that in order to live well, the food that we eat has to be well-balanced and nutritious, whilst this is incredibly important, it’s just as valuable to remember that food is not the only thing that sustains us.

Literature, art, music and media are such an integral part our lives – each allowing in their own way different types of intelligence  – emotional – logical – interpersonal – musical – spatial – to pervade our lives and broaden our perspectives. And it if your repertoire is wide enough, it can pave the way to substantial growth in all key areas.

Sticking to one form over another is limiting to say the least, and if you find yourself drawn to reading or watching the same kinds of formulaic material over and over again, you are ultimately doing yourself a great disservice, holding yourself back from experiencing any real chance of  emotional, physical or spiritual growth.

There are few among us that  fall under the broad spectrum of appreciating everything. They are easy to spot, personalities, friends or acquaintances who are at the top of their game who display an even temperament and on the whole are extremely pleasant  to be around and ever ready to converse on any topic. With ease they embrace whole heartedly – the classics, the modern, fact , fiction, female and male authors and artists alike.

Here is a quick guide to check to see if you are in balance – by using the books and the different types of media in your life that you consume on a daily basis, you can gauge with what colored spectacles you view the world through, and if in fact there is a need to broaden your horizons when it comes to picking out your next read, movie, record or download. And remember – the key is well-balanced, too much of anything will invariably work against you.

Non fiction: A great way to check yourself against the more talented people of the world, it’s a love letter of sorts that has been written for the service of humanity by showing what can be done when action and words go hand in hand, if its’ good, it can change your world – purely by inspiration alone. At least ten biographies in your life time should equip you for an outlook from all walks of life. Seven Years in Tibet equals two genres at once.

Fiction: The value of experiencing the talented imaginations of another, that taps into something unique and captivating will continue to bring its rewards long after the book – movie, play or song is finished. With compassion and by way of observation and reflection, authors, screen writers, playwrights, poets and musicians connect us to each other. Showing us the importance of analysing our lives, providing insight to how we feel and think as a society and how we might be able to improve on it. Quantity – endless.

Science fiction: Closer to the true nature of reality, than one might think. Esoteric in theme, and often connected to space and time appearing in different dimensions with different consequences. A lot of people don’t give this kind of material the time of day, ultimately showing a rejection of anything other worldly or unexplained contributed to a lack of open-mindedness with regards to life outside of what we know here on earth. It is limited to avoid it, just as it is limiting by indulging too much.

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