Bumps and Bruises

By October 5, 2012Weekly Blog

Bumps and bruises are a tell tale sign that something is amiss in the day to day running of your life and with careful consideration they can offer you the kind of guidance and peace of mind that nothing else can.

Every bump and bruise is more than what it seems, no matter how large or small and serves to deliver a gentle reminder that your thoughts are straying, be it ever so slightly off the track.

Life requires a concentrated and dedicated effort to fully make the most out of it. It’s easy for the mind to wander, and it takes a rare individual to be focused in such a way that avoids bumps altogether, but luckily for us, we are able to navigate ourselves – albeit unwittingly – through the day by using our own body as a guide towards the right path, that will not only yield the best results, but improve our lives and those closest to us ten fold.

After all, that’s what we desire the most – to do what’s best for us – for our families and for our communities.

The bigger the bump, the bigger the problem, with the severity of the action implying that a much-needed turn around of events is required to instil positive change. If you take a moment to contemplate where it is and what it is you are thinking at the time a bump or small knock occurs, you will find immediate assistance in an area that you may not have even recognised needed it.


This is an indication that you are charging ahead with intentions that are not of the best ilk. You need to take a look at why you are choosing this method of action and take measures to adopt a kinder and more thoughtful attitude and response.


This is showing you that your thoughts have are wavering towards the unsavoury. Usually selfish in nature. Not as bad as the foot region, but a look towards a change is advisable.


A sharp reminder to extend yourself – for you have settled into something that is no longer suited and is potentially stunting an area of much needed growth. There is a tendency towards mental laziness – often family related – in terms of parents and slowness in extricating yourself from old ideas.


Not as common as the others – it is gender based and a bump here is to remind you to embrace some of the more obvious claims to your gender, wether it be female or male. Older people in particular, when it becomes much more serious in nature and involves surgery, need to realise that a lot of their beliefs about gender no longer hold true.


This is attributed towards the structure of your day and the mindset involved. Your mind – for example – will be on more personal affairs whilst at work and vice versa. You are virtually leading yourself away by the elbow; time off from either will help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Hands and Fingers.

This is largely dependent on the location. You need to look at what it is you are doing that is not working to your advantage.  Too much time spent on something – and especially when you feel it’s too much time – can end up working against you. It’s usually too much time at work or at home, either way the time spent needs to be adjusted for a positive result. You need to manage your time in this area more effectively – usually a complete over haul is needed to regain the balance needed.


Backs literally hold the backbone of your chosen reality. A knock here is telling you in no uncertain terms that your belief system has taken a knock – that you are no longer adhering to any positive change- and that your stuck in a downward spiral. Your beliefs appear to be no longer obvious and anger is prevailing. You need to look towards the true nature of your situation – you will see that it will be easier to navigate through once you realise that you have been ignoring your core beliefs.


This is the most serious and direct assault to the body. It is a call for immediate action to turn your thoughts completely around. You are literally giving yourself a slap on the head to motivate yourself towards a better path. Invariably you would have been straying towards an area that is not best suited for you in terms of growth – and a sharp slap is needed to stop you in your tracks, to make you think hard about your goals and what it is you should be actually doing.


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