Bumps and Bruises: Chest


7ldgqbuwdmThere are times in our lives when you put something out there, personally or professionally, only to receive nothing back in return, or at the very least not what it was that you had expected.

A chest cold can occur as a way to express feelings of disappointment

Especially when you may have been holding it very closely to your chest and not vocalised or perhaps even admitted to yourself what it was that you had anticipated as the desired outcome.
By immersing yourself wholeheartedly into anything that you put your hands to without thoughts of award or recognition entering into it, is the best way to get the kind of results that you can feel good about. In this way you can be happier with your work and your contribution regardless of the outcome.
By engaging more in the present moment, the less you will find that thoughts of future gain will enter into the equation. Which helps to make it less about the ego, and more about true fulfilment and satisfaction from the task or goal itself.

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