Bumps and Bruises. Exploring the emotional and mental connection to allergies.

By March 15, 2016Articles

1md1bdazfzThe primary role that allergies have in your life, are to help to implement changes directly within your environment or family unit. Because when things need to shift, allergies are one way of bringing what is needed to the foreground. It forces you to really look at things, and serves very purposefully to bring a new quality into your life.

For families, the relationship between a parent and a child is very individual and largely depends on what your family unit needs, so allergies may present themselves as a way to help you in a specific area.

It is supposed to be challenging, because it plays a role in forging a closer connection where there might not have been one before. It’s about not taking things for granted, not in the way that you used to. It is a very meaningful process, and once it is learned and it becomes cornerstone of your environment, you may find that the allergy disappears altogether, or at the very least, becomes a part of the norm and is no longer a major problem, as it once might of been.

By issuing physical changes to the environment where you can, you are automatically creating a more warm and nurturing environment.

As an adult, allergies become more of an individual challenge, and the focus will be on how you can best push past any barriers that may be preventing you from achieving certain emotional/mental goals. It pushes you to think outside of the box, as to how you can best nurture your environment with what you are given to work with.

Severe allergies represent a stronger need for focus and a rearrangement of priorities. Either way, allergies can be seen as a gift to raise awareness, and to promote well being and presence.

Animals: This is often directly related to someone that you know and love, and the need for the assurances that they have your best interests at heart. For severe cat or dog allergies, it would come down to the person that owns them, and the relationship that they have with those affected. There is an indication that there is a selfish motivation at play, and that they are unbending in a way, to allow a more of an emotional connection needed to benefit not just themselves, but the person that it is affecting. Making a gesture of good faith, in the removal of the pets for a time, is to take that first step towards bringing a more loving and nurturing quality into the home.

Dust: Accumulated thoughts. A physical reaction to your own thought processes, due to a belief that you are not in control of your life. There is a need to acknowledge that you create your own reality, and that it is you that makes the rules, nobody else. The more effort you make to take charge of the things in your life, and speak up for the things that you want, you will find that dust will bother you less and less.

Hay Fever: An opportunity to reflect on any positive changes that you have or have not implemented towards your long term goals over the last year. It is showing you that there is a need to establish a better routine to help you towards this.

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