Bumps and Bruises: The Head

By November 9, 2016Articles, Bumps & Bruises

This is the least common, yet it is one of the more serious and direct assaults to the body. It is a call for immediate action, as you would have been straying towards an area that is not best suited for you in terms of growth.

A sharp slap intended as a wakeup call, would have been needed to stop you in your tracks to make you think hard about your goals and what it is you should be doing.


Bumping your head can come as quite a shock but the reasons are always in your best interest

In most cases, it is the location that can give you the answers that you seek. If it is in the home, then there is a need to re-evaluate your thought processes at that given moment in time.

There is an area that you are heading towards that will not provide you with the long term comfort and fulfilment that you require for a beneficial outcome. Personal in nature, because in a way it is showing you that the situation at home – or someone in the home, is leading you towards a path that is not ideal.

It is connected to someone else’s expectations that you are meeting, and not your own. Often it is the direction in which your life is taking, as it would need to be adjusted with your own growth in mind.

Not what the ideals or the constraints of ‘home’ adhere to, but what you adhere you. This is showing you that you are not clear about what direction it is that you should be taking. And that you are letting other factors guide your course for you.

Bumping your head outside of the home is an indication that you are looking externally for answers and solutions. You would be straying quite far from your path, and more thought needs to be given to your mental and spiritual security, which can only ever come from within.

There is a need to remove yourself from any outside interference, and give yourself the time and energy to nurture your strengths and give yourself a new direction with which to go in, to provide yourself with the time to make new goals.

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