Change is as Good as a Holiday

By November 1, 2012Weekly Blog

There are times in our lives where we feel settled, and not in a good way. You find that there is little or no movement in your life that inspires any kind of creativity. Sometimes the best way out of it is to take a break, which will enable you to look at your life from a different perspective.

Holidays are an ideal way to instigate the changes needed to promote action and motivation. What better excuse do you have, if not for the nurturing of your body and soul to take time out and breathe some fresh air.

Taking this time has never been easier, and if you do feel a little stuck, and you need to reconnect with yourself and analyze what it is that you would like to achieve but are not, then book that accommodation, call your friends that live in another state or country and begin the process of inviting that much-needed change into your life.

For better or for worse, holidays help to ascertain what’s important in your life, what is realistic and what needs more of your attention and focus. And if nothing else it  will create an excellent opportunity to daydream.


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