Death in Dreams

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We are all our own creators of the dream landscape, nothing is here that we have not dreamed it to be, this accounts for all themes, things, locations, people and animals.

Whilst dreams are highly personal they do share similarities and meanings, our learning never stops, when we sleep we are making sense of things and working just as we do when we are awake. We create our dreamscapes just as we do our waking life.

The purpose of dreams is to work through future probabilities, make sense of the present moment and to provoke and inspire positive action.

Is the dream location a shared place? Yes and No, its inner most workings are yours, but you are not always alone, for there are some dreams that are assisted by those that guide you, and they come in any shape that you desire them to come in – quite often in the role of a teacher, friend, or a person that is helpful and knowledgeable – often at times appearing older depending on your needs.



Death in Dreams
Dreams of death or dying are actually quite positive and appear at the end of a period in your life when it is time to make changes, out with the old and in with the new. It symbolizes a death to a part of yourself that no longer suits you, a part of yourself that perhaps has been prohibiting positive growth.
The passing of a Grandparent is indicative of an old idea that you once had ending, these dreams are exceptionally emotional because it would have been something that you had held onto for a long length of time – hence the relative age of your grandparents within the dream. There is usually no fear attached to these dreams because the journey ahead of you is extremely positive, just as moving onto the next level of existence would be for someone who is ready to pass on.

The death of a partner represents a change within your relationship, these are much more rare and often come about when you have made significant progress with this particular person. Often in relationships you both work together to grow at the same time, but in this instance you would have made some significant personal changes that will affect the relationship in a very positive way.A child’s death is representative of a fear that you had long before you had children, this is showing you that the fear itself – irrational feelings of fear regarding your own personal safety – has been transferred from yourself to you the irrational fear of losing your child –it is a particular reminder that although you may feel an improvement with regards to your own sense of safety, nothing has really changed and the fear itself has instead manifested towards that of your children.

A friends passing within the dream state, is referring to an imbalance that was there, but has thankfully now come to an end. Your friendship will turn a new corner or a new understanding from this point on and be once again beneficial for you both.

With this knowledge in hand you can move forward with the realization that you are on a new path, and that things are well on the way to becoming better and brighter.

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