Deepak Chopra – Spiritual Advisor

By September 25, 2013Weekly Blog


The spiritual climate has many leaders and many faces – most of which are extremely recognisable – Dalai Lama for one – Jesus for another. But for the ever growing population of the non believers who believe in the soul but not in heaven or hell – that believe in life after death but not necessarily to be reincarnated as an ant – Deepak Chopra lights the way – for everything else – in equal parts – for the scientists in us, and the other part, that is often too hard to put into words – the part of us that knows that there is more out there, that we do have a soul, and that there is a greater meaning to life. He defines for us what it is to embrace life on earth with a sense of the practical and spiritual combined.

Deepak’s ways and methods strike an ancient yet modern tone – a tone that resonates wherever it is he happens to be and whatever multi media platform that he happens to be a part of – which are many.  There are the hundreds of documented talks that can be found on you tube, the 700,000 plus fans on various facebook pages as well as the Deepak Chopras Wellness Center seminars that are held yearly –  and with over 75 published books that include 25 New York times Best Sellers that have sold into the millions – he is a man who does not waver in his beliefs or seem to take his ‘rock star of spirituality’ label too seriously.

To some he may appear – immovable – in the way that his philosophy and beliefs are to him an unchangeable fact – but anybody with a grain of salt would need to feel this in order to maintain the kind of strength and vigor to be able to convey the sense of importance that he places upon the soul and the connection that the body has with the mind.

Whilst I feel that he has yet to hit his prime, I believe that Deepak will be remembered throughout history for speaking truths and showing insight into all things both corporeal and spiritual – earthly and unearthly. Giving wisdom where it is needed – especially in times of personal trial and religious turmoil. But mostly – he is a light for the non believer – paving the way for the 36% of the population that do not follow any particular faith – showing that the scientific and spiritual world can indeed live together equally and harmoniously as one.

Deepak is also a strong believer in a quiet moment of meditation – knowing it can bring you closer to your core beliefs – which in itself brings you closer to feeling good about your place in the world, because at the end of the day – we all want to know that we are on the right track. It is a promotion of a singular focus in all that you do – with the aim of reaching your potential – to be the best that you can be.  By bringing karma to the fore – which at its crux is really just about decision making in its most basic form – he is teaching by way of analysis –  by teaching us to understand the choices we make and why – and to ultimately accept full responsibility for the outcome of these decisions – who it will affect and how will it affect you and those around you – consequence – and all that it implies.

He is a leader and an important one. He strikes a balance equally measured to the proportion of people who do not have  faith.

A global 2012 poll reports that 59% of the world’s population are religious, and 36% are not religious, including 13% who are atheists, with a 9 percent decrease in religious belief from 2005. More than ever the need for someone with Deepaks spiritual views has never been more relevant. He is a speaker  – he is reflecting the need a more spiritual take on things – and not in just a theoretical way – but in a way that can be practically applied by anyone for the betterment of all.



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