The Difference between Loneliness and Aloneness

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If you can be a light unto yourself, and really appreciate what that means, you will never be ‘lonely’.

It’s about being your own best friend and feeling the true power of your ‘aloneness’ and enjoying your own company. It’s the true presence of oneself, and not necessarily needing companions to make your way through things or feeling lonely when you are alone.

Feeling lonely is a negative state, it’s believing that things would be better if there was someone else there, but they are not, and so you wallow in those feelings of loneliness, of wishing for something that you don’t have.

When instead you could be feeling the true power of aloneness, which is the exact opposite of loneliness. Aloneness is the presence of oneself, and you are so full presence that you could fill the whole universe with it, and not feel the need for anyone.

Because you could be in a room full of people, and still feel lonely. And if you do find yourself feeling this way, it’s an indication that there is a need to work on this fundamental, of being a light unto yourself. Of being your own best friend. With or without someone special in your life.

So it’s important to recognise how you choose to view your aloneness, and to take responsibility for that choice. Because there are only ever two ways that you can go.  You can either feel sad and resentful, or you can choose to rejoice in the fact that you’re strong enough to survive the need of approval from family or friends.
Living this way automatically makes your friendships better, your life better, because you don’t ‘need’ them or depend on them for your happiness. By developing the ability to make your own way through things, without companions or guides, you can truly be that  ‘light unto yourself’.

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