What is an email psychic reading?

As both a medium and a psychic, I am able to connect to guides to channel messages and predict future outcomes. I also communicate with loved ones that have passed away, to send through messages of love and guidance.

Email readings are a great way to receive messages without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. You don’t need to be a local in Sydney, as distance is not a problem. I have clients based all over Australia and the world, from Malaysia to America.


An Email Psychic Reading is just like any other medium reading with the benefit of being able to work with you from anywhere in the world

I type as the information comes through, and when I am channeling for you, I think of nothing but you, your name and your questions, and your guides fill in the rest.

Email readings are sent to you on a private link which stays yours permanently, with allowances for additional clarifications should you have any questions afterwards.

They are a quick and convenient way to receive spiritual guidance whenever you need it, in between work, school drop offs and pickups, it’s a lovely way to treat yourself, knowing that your guides can send you this wonderful gift straight to your inbox.

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