How does it work?
I channel, allowing the guides to pass through information that offers insight towards the present moment and forecasts for the future. The information I receive comes through exactly the same as if you were present. I also allow for additional clarifications should you have any questions afterwards.

I am afraid of what I will hear.
There is as no such thing as a negative response. You will only hear what you are ready to hear. No advice will ever be given that will seem out of your depth or out of your reach. The spirits will always guide you towards the path that is best suited for you, that will promote the best kind of growth, with positivity, optimism and warmth.

How can I prepare for a reading?
Be open to being helped, and don’t forget that there is no question too big or too small if it means gaining clarification and insight into your life.

How accurate are the readings and can distortion play a part?

To make the most of a reading you must be open to suggestion because your guides will always aim to nurture the path that is best suited to your growth. The more open you are to being helped from your guides, the better the reading. There is 85% – %100 accuracy depending on distortion – which can come from not being clear enough with your questions or providing information that may be misleading.