Grey Hair

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There is nothing quite like the onset of grey hair to raise awareness of just how far you have come – and just how much there is still to do in order to fulfil your goals, your dreams and the things that you deem to be of the uppermost importance. It is the ultimate reference point with which to gauge how you fare to date in your list ‘of to do’s’.

Grey hair not only highlights your failures and achievements but it is quite the fierce motivator for you to pick up the pace – serving not only as a reminder – for its constancy is unwavering –  but as a motivational tool – and in this sense it’s unbeatable – nothing comes close – to push yourself harder to achieve all of those things that you have been slow in making advances towards or putting off. Time waits for no one and nowhere is this more prevalent or better reflected than in the changing colour of your hair.

Anything that you are confronted with on a daily basis – is something that should be observed with more than just a passing glance, for it is here that reality is at its finest. Pushing it aside – only further demonstrates that you are putting off some of the things that will ultimately bring you the best chance of happiness and satisfaction.

Going Grey early – for those in their early twenties and under –  are not only confronted with a constant reminder that growth and forward movement is extremely important from a young age, but it is steeped into their existence in such a way that it would appear to be an early life challenge – something to conquer right from the outset – in that the lesson to be learnt is to move beyond what society deems acceptable in order to create their own path. To forge ahead despite obvious roadblocks and to instill at an early age – the knowledge and the importance placed upon finding your own path at an earlier age than what others may choose, but this again, is highly personal and different for everybody. Predominantly – people who grey at an early age are at the top of their fields at a fairly young age for the impetus for forward positive action would have been a prominent part of their thought process for quite some time.

Going Grey in your 30’s and up. This is largely to raise the question – what have you achieved to date? And just how exactly do you propose to move forward from this point on. It is meant as a gauge to analyse past actions – and how they got you to this exact point in life  – ultimately to inspire in you the urgency of creating the necessary steps in order to achieve better results.

Embracing the Grey. This is a big one – embracing your new hair colour is a life changing affair. It shows growth and strength in some key areas and is very positive – if it looks good and you feel good about it – chances are you have taken the steps to provide the forward motion and action that was needed in order to successfully pave the way for a better future.

If it looks less than Ok – there is a good chance you have given up the chase and settled – this in itself is not a good thing and in order to turn things around you should probably look at reinventing yourself.

When is a good time to grey? You will feel without certainty that it is time – there will be a thrill attached – simple as that – a comfortable thrill. Either its done very naturally and you don’t really notice a negative effect – this shows that your growth and your motivations as an individual are well-balanced. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Self maintenance is always of the utmost importance – as with anything – pushing things under the rug – or covering them up instead of actively taking them out and working on them will always tell you everything that you need to know.  The better you look and the more comfortable you look in the way with which you choose to wear or colour your hair will always tell you  just where you are at on the path of actively pursuing your goals and how close you are to making your plans and dreams a reality.

A ‘Reading‘ is like a tune up for the inner self. And maintenance in any aspect of our lives leads to better living.




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