Happy’s Zen Horoscope (26th May – 2nd July) Serve your ass a reality check

By June 27, 2022Articles


Time to align with your higher self, say yes to anything that feeds your creativity and your curiosity. If you are thinking about embarking on any new projects, just to ease the pressure, keep it real.  Start off small, that way you can reevaluate and adjust as you move forward.


Damn, reality checks can feel like a real punch in the guts,  especially if you’ve made a mistake or someone around you is being mega critical. Use this week to focus on the more practical side of life. Release any strong feelings that may come up, focus your energy on a creative outlet, and don’t hold anything in, let it all out. And remember, you always learn from your mistakes, they help you to change the course of your life for the better.


Tapping into your intuition will never seem so easy. Everything that you need to get through the week, will come from your higher self, your intuition. You’ll find that you can swing between Worlds just fine, and apply your gut feeling to a few real-world practical measures, and the results will be brilliant.


Your intuition is on par this week, so if you get a feeling for something, full steam ahead. If you don’t, hit the pause button until you get more information. Especially when it comes to future planning and progress. As long you remain optimistic, things will run smoothly, and your plans will continue to unfold beautifully like a flower.


Be careful of making fast decisions this week. You may only have half the information you need to come to a fully formed conclusion. Emotions could get the better of you, so step away from your brain sack, and get checking off a list of improvements. Trust your intuition, it is your forever friend, not your enemy.


Knowing you, you are thinking about rocking the boat. Just for this week, keep things in the realm of tradition. If you are struggling to make a decision, do yourself a solid and give yourself some time and space to get a feel for all the possibilities that are out there. When you are ready you will settle on the right path for yourself. 


A good timeframe to look at any negative influence in your life, especially the kind that holds you back. Any bad habits, or thought patterns, that get in the way of you succeeding at you being your best. Short-term pleasures are out, long term goals are in. Do what you can to align with the long game. 


Time to turn the corner on any relationships, especially those that may have had a question lingering around them. This is the time to give each other the benefit of the doubt, so that you can start a fresh chapter together. After all, it’s not about what they can do for you per se its more about what you can bring to the equation at this time. 


There may be a competitive feel to the week, if that’s the case, to be the best that you can be, you have to look to see how you do things in the best way that you know how, not how others do it, but how you do it. That is the real key to success.


It’s not about making any big changes this week, it’s more about going out of your way to maintain what you have in your life. Let compassion be your guide, and bring a more nurturing and practical attitude to the table when dealing with the people in your life. In other words, deal with things in a practical manner, sans neggie emotions. 


Practical applications go a long way this week, so if there happens to be any wheelings and dealings, a contract wouldn’t hurt. Professional partnerships are set to flourish, you will find that you are both on the same wavelength and share a similar vision for the future. Keep continuing to communicate with one another and you can’t go wrong.


Change comes in the form of tried and tested methods, anything that you feel would benefit from an upgrade should happen in and around the home.  Especially anything financial, or any plans to strengthen relationships through stronger commitment. Be nurturing, above all else, be practical.

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