Happy’s Zen Weekly Horoscope (31st October – 6th November)

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Weekly Horoscope

Happy’s Weekly Horoscope is here. Mars retrograde begins in Gemini, which means things may begin to feel a little stunted, or unpredictable. Drive and ambition are at the forefront, so use unpredictability to your advantage, and allow for breakthroughs via acceptance patience, and inner reflection. 



If there ever was a week for seeking inner balance, this is it. If logic and emotion are out of whack, go out of your way to rebalance things. Because you were born to lead, and a leader needs to assess things from a balanced point of view. Work with your intuition, to keep logic and emotion in check within you, and to keep things running smoothly. 


Check-in with your personal and professional balance this week, and if you find that you are spending too much in one area or the other, then adjust accordingly. Remember the goal for the most part is to strike a good balance between work and home so that you can feel fulfilled in all aspects of your life.


Realign with what makes you happy. Embrace a little spontaneity this week, it’s good for making new connections, and its good for the creative process, above all else it’s good for the soul. New experiences have a way of bringing about just the right dose of personal and spiritual growth. 


You love to study, so this week is all about just that. Anything that you are drawn to, in particular when it comes to areas of interest with like-minded individuals,  that will prompt further learning is a no-brainer. You may have to step out of your comfort zone a little, but it will be worth it. 


An opportunity is presenting itself, and wouldn’t you know it Pisces? Whether or not things work out is entirely in your hands at this juncture. So commit like there is no tomorrow, otherwise, it may fall by the wayside, and become nothing more than a wasted chance.


This week calls for a decision that may cause some stress. Weighing up the pros and cons has never felt harder. To avoid stalling, know that the answer in this instance is letting go of fear and taking the path that will stretch you emotionally and mentally. 


A nice week to reconnect with your best buds, the ones that are always there for you through thick and thin. The ones who have always got your back. Enjoy yourself, have some fun, remember the importance of give and take, and feel grateful because you are lucky, your friendships will literally last forever.


Trust that its okay to move ahead with whatever it is that you have been presented with, and remind yourself that sometimes, it’s just a fear of losing control that can make you question things, that and the nagging voice in the back of your head saying, What are you getting yourself into? Ignore the voice, it’s okay to move forward at this time. 


Timing is crucial this week to things working out. If you are experiencing delays with projects,  trust that there is a reason for it. Dont push for things to move forward, instead, accept the hold-up and remind yourself that sometimes patience is required, and if now is not the right moment, then you will have ot wait for the right moment.  


There is no doubt that you have alot on your plate this week, so to avoid low quality, remind yourself to address one task at a time, lest you rush over everything unnecessarily. Avoid haste, and slow down. Bring your attention to the present moment in all of your activities. At the end of the day, it is about having a meaningful connection in what you do, not how much you can do. 


A good week to manifest goals, as a new career opportunity may present itself. To gain clearer intent and clarity, this is a great timeframe to practice abundance. Start with the fundamentals of breathing, taking a moment of inner space and silence before you think about what you would like to manifest, and connect to the abundance that you have within you. 


This week is all about recovery, and regeneration – financially and otherwise. Anything you had been resisting, you will push past, so that you can finally begin to move forward. No point in resisting ending some old overdue worn-out situations, it’s time to rip the band-aid off and face up to things. Trust that everything is happening for a reason and even if feels like it kinda sucks. 

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