The Male and the Female balance within the Body

By November 28, 2017Articles



The body is comprised of two halves, the female and the male. In Eastern philosophy it is represented by the Mayans, the Buddha, and the yin and the yang.  The female side represents experiencing emotion, sensibility, intuition, and nurturing. The male side represents power, sense of direction, masculinity and determination. Taking note of which side of the body you may bump or knock, can help you to understand what it is in your life that you need to rebalance. By tapping into the loving nurturing energies of the feminine side, or the bossy, action oriented of the male.  The left side of the body also represents the mother. The right side of the body, the father, and when there are more knocks to one side of the body.  Knees in particular are strongly linked to your parents and anything that you feel that you have inherited from them in terms of beliefs. This is a reminder to extend yourself, for you have settled into something that is no longer beneficial and is only serving to stunt an area of much needed growth. The bigger the hit, the bigger the need to extricate yourself from any old ideas that you have been holding on to.

By acknowledging that there are issues that you have that are related to a parent’s beliefs, you will be able to focus on what you can do to bring about growth in the particular area that needs it.

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