People in Our Lives – The Extras

By February 21, 2013Weekly Blog


The ‘extras’ in our lives hold more clues than you might ordinarily think – for hardly a day goes by without passing the old lady in your street carrying her shopping home, the regulars at your local cafe or the fellow commuters on the train or bus. There are some people who stick out, that you notice more than everybody else and who are the subject of more than just a passing thought. It is these people who can give you the biggest indication of where you are at, emotionally, physically and spiritually – purely by their presence in your life.

Think for a moment about the extras in your life, are they happy, healthy, content? Do your thoughts lean towards the positive or the negative when thinking about them? If you find you have the tendency to feel alarm or discomfort around your extras, then chances are there is something that you need to do in your life in order to eradicate any irrational fear that you may unwittingly be harboring.

If you feel good about your extras, it is highly likely you are in a good place in all of the key areas of your life. Good = Good. It is as simple as that.

There is a reason that you pass them with such consistency, because life generally falls into patterns, and the sooner you tackle even a hint of negativity, the easier it is to turn things around, therefore managing to avoid any real catastrophes.

Good extras or bad, a smile goes a really long way – because what you are achieving through this small act alone –  is not only a confirmation that everything is good,  but between you there is a shared sense of optimism and a strong sense of self –  that you are doing all you can to make your life and that of those around you the best that it can be.


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