A Practical guide – Food Poisoning

By August 7, 2013Articles, Weekly Blog


Food is an extremely important part of our lives, our emotional needs and mental attitude towards it make up the whole picture of who we really are. What you consume on a regular basis tells us a lot about yourself, and sometimes if you are too stubborn to change some of the more unhealthy aspects of your diet – you unwittingly force it upon yourself in the shape of poisoning.

At one time or another, we have all experienced the sickening wave of nausea bought on by a bout of food poisoning. Not much thought is ever given to it except that it is something that you will probably never eat again in your life time. But there are hidden depths to everything that we do, as small as the ice cream falling off your cone or a favorite food that  always seems to be sold out, or hard to get – which in itself implies that it is time to move on to something possibly more nutritious in value.

Food poisoning at its most basic – is an indication that you need to change your dietary habits – there would be an element to it, that you are over doing, and in very real terms doing you nothing short of a disservice. This really is one instance where you are literally telling yourself to change your food habits – by experiencing a bout of food poisoning  you are paving the way for new food habits to take the place of the old ones.  Similar Instances where the same rule applies – Alcohol and Drugs.

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