A Practical Guide for the month of July

By July 1, 2015Articles


(August 23 – September 22)

Connecting to your inner source is big on the agenda for this month. There is a need for a bit of quiet time so that you can gain some extra strength and clarity with things that have been evading you of late. Especially things that have prevented you from moving forward. Your guides would like you to centre yourself a little more, to give you the opportunity to re energise yourself. Some simple breathing techniques will help you to find your centre and help to make peace with things that you can’t change. Your guides want you to know that it’s OK not to be able to change the past, because the past is gone. There is much more strength in focusing on the present, because this is where true healing lies for you.
Body Connection – Heart and the lungs. It is an indication that you need to immerse yourself in the things that you can derive a lot of pleasure out of, as there is an element of passion and love missing from your life. Reading a favourite book, enjoying a great meal with a loved one, or wandering through an art gallery or garden, will reignite the fire that you need to keep you warm throughout winter.

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