A Practical Guide to Being Mindful.

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Connecting to the very centre of your being is the doorway into which Being Mindful is entered, and it can re energise and revitalise you in a way that nothing else can.

You don’t have to meditate to achieve this feeling, nor do you have to be anywhere special, because it can be done in a heartbeat.

With a simple breathing technique and a quieting of the mind, you will find that you can connect to your centre wherever you may be.

All you have to do is close your eyes and take a deep breath, and when you breathe out, feel yourself settle into the center of your being.  Visualize a light source in the middle of your body, kind of like your own private sun. Picture it and feel it contained within you, because it is always there helping you to feel secure, grounded and in tune with your own nature.

You can tap into it at anytime throughout the day. Whether it is a quiet moment just before you embark on something new, or the times when you need a little more energy to get you through the day, it is a great way of giving the task at hand the intent and focus it deserves.  It can even be done when you are out walking, moving from one location to another, as a way to give thanks for what has just passed, and as a way to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what lays ahead. Any any decisions that need to be made can be met with better clarity, if you give yourself a moment to center your thoughts. You will find that it is easier to hear your own inner guide, your own voice, when you give yourself a moment to feel centered when things become a little cloudy.

Feeling centered allows you to know the truth, because it is the truth that lies at the very centre of all things, and if you put aside all of the emotions and thoughts of past and future, and focus on the centre of your very being, that is where you will find the truth. Its a peaceful place, one free from emotional disarray, it allows you to engage  with those around you more meaningfully, because being centered helps you to listen, not only to others, but to yourself, to the part of you that will always lead you down the right path.

With a feeling of empowerment and expansiveness that is both encouraging and positive, you will find that you can provide yourself with all of the nurturing fuel that you need to move forward to get on with things, enabling you to feel what it truly means to be centered which will help you to better engage in the present moment, which in itself is a gift.

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