A Practical Guide for the month of August

By July 15, 2015Articles


(July 23 – Aug 22)

There is a gift this month for those born under the sign of the Leo. Anything that is taken on personally or professionally, with the understanding that comes from experience and maturity, will automatically enrich your life, and the lives of those around you. There are highlights associated with promotion and the forging of new working relationships.
So this is a very special month to move forward into the world, as though you are moving towards things from the very centre of your being. The centre of your being you ask?
Well Leos, the best way to find your centre is to take a quiet moment out and concentrate on your breathing. It only takes a moment, and you don’t even have to meditate to achieve it.
With every breath that you exhale, feel yourself settle into the centre of your being. When you begin to feel grounded and settled, mentally and emotionally, you will be at your centre. It is here that you can really feel the truth of things, and see more clearly what it is that you need to do next that will promote prosperity and well being all round.
Remember Leos, a part of your role in this life is to teach what you know, because you are at your best when you express yourself.
So whatever field you are in, whatever skills you have and what you have learned from your own life, now is the time to share it and shine in the way that only Leos know how. Bright and True. And if you move forward from the centre, you are already half way there.

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