A Practical Guide to Being Present

By June 23, 2015Articles

The benefits of being present are so positive, its hard to imagine that anything needs more attention brought to it, than the effort of bringing your focus completely and fully around to where you are and what you are doing or thinking right now at this very minute.

Being present, is a state of awareness that can too often slip away unnoticed. It is a kind of disconnect, that stops you from listening to what it is that you really want to achieve out of life.  It is not being aware of how you can make the moment count for all its worth.

Engaging in the moment can aid in turning your thoughts around from the negative to the positive, and you will find that when you are present, you are not over indulging in fanciful thoughts or looping unnecessary memories from the past around in your mind. This also makes things far less emotionally taxing, because it forces you to put aside any thoughts of blame, criticism or judgements on yourself or on others, which provides you with the clarity to perceive the moment for what it really is, an opportunity to engage in such a way that you can derive the best results out of the situation at hand, and not just for yourself, but for others.

You dont need to meditate to bring the present moment to you. It can be done in a heartbeat, wherever you may find yourself to be.

At work, at home or out and about. You can always bring yourself to the moment by asking yourself how aware are you right now?  Are you as attentive as you could be, are you paying the people that you are with as much attention as they deserve? Are you giving the moment 100%?

One of the key ways to bring yourself around is to simply listen. Listening will always help. If you are alone, listen to yourself. What is your mind saying? Is it repeating an old memory? Is it thinking too far into the future? If so, stop the thought immediately, and ask yourself what it is that would be more beneficial to the present moment, and turn your thoughts towards it in the here and now. If there is a task that needs to be completed, attend to it, thinking of nothing but of the task at hand. If you are resting, then rest unencumbered by thoughts of guilt or what it is that you will do after your rest, just allow your body to feel whatever action it is that needs your attention.

Your mind comes first, the practical applications will always follow, and the results will always be exactly that you gave it. So, what better way to bring out the best in everything that you do, than by being in the present moment.

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