A Practical guide to Valentines Day

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Sydney Psychic Tammy Moir shows how to use Valentine’s day to your emotional and spiritual advantage.

The strongest foundations that we have in our lives are to be found first and foremost with the people who we love. A solid base here, is the cornerstone for a happy life outside of the home. Which is why Valentines day is so important within our society at this point in time. How you feel about it, will tell you everything that you need to know so that you are able to build better and stronger relationships, and to recognize where you fall either side of the gender divide.

Aside from the fact, that we all need reassurance to know that we are loved, it is also allowing an outlet for expression, if expression is hard for an individual to vocalize. And days like these are a perfect opportunity to show the kind of affection, that is an integral part in maintaining healthy relationships with the people who we love. So whilst Valentines day, is a handy outlet for people who in ordinary circumstances, are not able to express themselves freely, it is also the perfect opportunity to gain a little insight into how we feel about open displays of affection and if  your ability or inability to express love may need a little work.

To those who scorn it as nothing but a ‘hallmark holiday’, should take a moment to ponder just why they may feel that way. Showing a strong dislike for something, is usually a way of voicing an inability to express just what it is that you are showing disdain for. The emotional weight that some people feel behind days like these, is there to help identify why you feel the way that you do. It is supposed to be confronting, because nothing ever gets resolved or improved upon by sweeping it under the carpet.  Consider the fact that there are many among us who find it quite difficult to express love for another. Or the extreme pressure that people may place upon themselves by feeling as if they have to come forward and take on the role of the giver or the receiver.

Initially put in place to guide men in the ways of love, this original essence is no longer what it once was. Today, it is an even playing field in terms of shows of affection. But for those who lean towards the male taking the initiative on Valentines day, take note, it is showing a tendency that there is still gender inequality (minor or major) that plays a role within your thought processes, and that women are still in a way, waiting to be rescued or duly romanced, and vive versa. So if you are waiting to be romanced by your loved one this Valentines day, or are planning to romance, take a moment to consider why. Take this as an opportunity to evaluate how you feel as a female/male within todays society, and the obligation that it may bring as having to take on the role as provider or a woman in waiting. Because a feeling of resistance against Valentines day in this instance, is a sign that you are not willing to accept a traditional male/female role, and this is your way of showing it.  As Yoko Ono commented on her recent trip to Sydney ** “When we (women) were trying to be people and wanting justice for our existence, we kind of forgot about what men were going through,” she said. “Now I’m in a very, very lucky position when I can start thinking about men’s plight.”

There is truth behind the notion, that we do not need to be told when to send somebody flowers, or when to take that special someone out to dinner. For those who have no problem in voicing or showing how they feel, but indulge a little on Valentines day anyway, and for those who do not necessarily share in the ritual, but don’t mind that others do, shows an inner sense of contentment and self-awareness that we should all strive for. Because this kind of acceptance shows a depth of understanding and compassion that people often need things to enable them to voice expression.

Days like these are valid, and they should be looked upon as a welcome break to devote extra time to the people who you love. They are all reminders to nurture relationships, and are in their own way a national or universal response to a much-needed boost in communication and care for our loved ones. Any dread or disdain related to these special days, are indicative of a disdain for having to show your emotions, or an inclination to change the stakes when it comes to gender inequality.

With help from Valentines day, you can refocus your energy and improve things for all of mankind, and yes, true change does begin at home. So what better way to get started, than to dig a little deeper, and question why you feel the way you do about Valentine’s day and use it to your emotional and spiritual gain, so that you can improve the relationships with those that you love and the one that you have with yourself, for the better.



**Andrew Taylor, SMH Entertainment

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