A Practical Guide to the Change of Seasons – Winter


The seasons are in place for the sole purpose of showing us the importance of endings and new growth. They teach us when it is the right time to plant and foster new ideas, and when it is time to just sit still and watch nature do its work.

Nature can be used as a comparison and more importantly as a tool, to guide yourself towards making changes at the right time, because each season has it’s own unique merit, and in it’s own way mirrors the continuous cycle of your own life, year in and year out.

Winter is the perfect time for quietening the mind and for nurturing and strengthening the relationships that are already in place. It is a time for bonding indoors, quiet conversation and the art of true friendship and brings with it the kind of introspection that leads towards adding a new dimension to your life to all of your relationships, personal and professional.

Whether it is communication with another, or communication with yourself, an honest and an open mind will help to steer you in the right direction.

If you ever feel stuck, or unsure of what the new season means to you, just let the natural flow of the seasons guide you. Being in tune with mother nature, is as important as eating seasonly, and working together with the earth, as opposed to working against it.

Colds and flues can be predominant at this time and are in place for you to take a little time out to make amendments in your mind as to how you can best move forward with the things that you may have been holding back on. Any minor illness that you have that is head or chest related is showing you that there has been some difficulty in communication. Putting in the effort to establish a stronger foot hold on the life that you have created, is like letting a ray of sunshine into a dark room, because every time you actively pursue happiness that is beneficial and productive, you let a little more sunshine in, until eventually, you have all of the light that you need, that not only helps to attract other light, but with it, many wonderful experiences. Prepare yourself for the action of spring and summer that brings with them an abundance of energy and transformation. Let these cooler seasons open the gateway to future plans. Because summer is the perfect time to watch all of the hard work unfold before your very eyes.



Sore Throats

A breakdown in communication to some degree would have occurred. There would have been an opportunity to voice an opinion, and the moment was lost or the nerve gone. The importance of voicing an opinion, that you feel is valid, or communicating a feeling, is extremely important to personal growth, and how you go about it, determines how you connect with people in general. A sore throat, is in no uncertain terms telling you, to speak up.  This can be quite a difficult experience for some, indicating towards greater need to push past it, and become acquainted with sharing how you feel. Sometimes just saying something out loud can help enormously to solve a problem before it blows out of proportion. Often the inability to voice a concern, is because, the opinion lacks clarity, and the emotion behind it, cannot be fully shared, because, it has not resolved completely within you. So, the best way to begin is to first and foremost write it down, which will help you to come to a conclusion, therefore providing you with the clarity that you need and the confidence to speak about what is on your mind.


A cold or flue can occur when you feel that you may have left things unattended, especially in terms of personal growth. A chest infection is showing you, that you have been holding on to things too tightly for too long. By putting things off which may have stunted any possible growth and that has stood in the way of achieving your goals. It is intended to make you think about what you need to do in order to move forward and fix any underlying problems that you have been standing in your way.






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