Can I get a psychic reading for my children?

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Children also benefit from psychic readings. Sometimes you may need some extra guidance on how to get through a major or a minor illness. In which case the reading for your child also doubles as support for you as a parent, providing you both with comfort and advice in a difficult time.  Or you may be interested in how you can help them to shape their lives in the best way possible, with future reading predictions aimed at looking at their education options, career choices and personal relationships. Will they settle down and have families of their own? Will they have fulfilling careers, and what can you do as a parent to guide them on the right path to ensure success in all areas. Because as your children grow, their needs change, and growing with them and being mindful of those changes, is one of the best things that you can do as a parent.



Health plays a large part within the family unit and is often a prompt towards change. Children in particular provide this balance by showing you through their health the areas that need changing.  It can be hard for children to vocalise their needs, often a minor illness is the only way for them to show that they may need an extra bit of nurturing and love that we tend to sometimes forget in the busyness of our day-to-day routines.

Here is a simple guide to getting that balance just right and through observing your child’s health you can make room for positive growth, not only for your child but for your whole family.



Ear Infections

There is a need to take some time out and to listen to their needs, for in this instance they feel they are literally not being heard. This is usually in an area of mental/physical growth. Children love challenges that promote independence.



A fever tends to come about if there has been a shift in priority. If there is discontent within the household, your child will suffer. Your child is in need for some one on one time. A change of focus and some major TLC will help to get you all on the right track.



Diet related and often connected to the intent behind the food we give our children. ‘Soul Food’ in this case is a great remedy. Their favourite meals that show them they are well thought of and loved. Not only for comfort but also for overall good health. Freshly squeezed juices, lemonade and soups.


Chesty Cough

An indication that your child is unable to express vocally how they feel. Something may of upset them, or they are unable to voice how they feel about a certain situation, especially in terms of discipline or patience. It is most definitely a time for nurturing them back to health, to be more attentive to their needs and to bring kindness and gentleness to the fore. It is about making your child feel like they count, and that their feelings are valid and important as everyone else.


Head Lice

Emotional or physical neglect is associated with head lice.  There would be a need to connect with your child in a more engaging way, through talking or playing. The very act associated with removing the lice, is a way to reconnect, if a reconnection is needed. Children need constant tenderness. Things like this are in place, for you to remember the value of connecting to your child.



Especially the knees are extremely common for small children to graze. A graze on the knee, is a sign that there is a need to let them grow. As a parent, we are at times unaware or afraid to let our children grow so that they can become more independent. A graze on their knees are showing you as a parent that there is a need to either introduce a new way to spend time or to let them begin to try new things, that are suitable for their growth. There is an indication, that you are not giving them quite enough space to develop naturally, and may be unintentionally holding them back to a degree, by thinking of them as not ready. The left knee is for a female aspect, often related to the mother, and the right knee is often associated with a father’s emotional capacity to let their children extend themselves due to a fear of letting them go.


Bumps on the Head

It is an indication that the child’s needs are not being met, and that they need to change what it is that they are doing. More focus needs to be given to the moment, as they would be in need of extra nurturing and guidance.



Standing on something is a sign that assistance is needed by a parent, to help the child navigate through a troubling time, however big or small the problem might be. Because to children, the smallest things to us, are a mountain to them. Engaging with them, so they can feel as if they have someone to talk to, or someone that can shine some light on their problem. This includes stubbed toes, which is minor, but none the less just as distressing for a child, as there is something that they are walking towards, which does not suit them in terms of growth.


Car/Motion/Travel Sickness

It’s about wanting more than you have, and not being satisfied with the current situation. When the dissatisfaction is hard to vocalise, it can result in travel sickness to some degree. The way to get around this is to suggest or point out the positive merits of the moment and focus on a positive stream of thought well before they venture out so any feelings of dissatisfaction are well in the background. It is about being in the moment.



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