Psychic readings for Children

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Adults are not the only ones that can benefit from spiritual guidance. Through our children we can learn what it is we need to do as individuals to maintain a happy and healthy family life for everyone.

Children tell you everything you need to know – you just have to look a little closer and listen a little harder to understand the meaning behind some of the more commonplace ailments and not so common illness’ that come up from time to time throughout their childhood.

Health plays a large part within the family unit and is more often than not a prompt towards change.  Children in particular provide this balance by showing you through their health the areas that need changing.

There is a simple guide to getting that balance just right and through observing your child’s health you can make room for positive growth, not only for your child but for your whole family.

0-1 years.

These are the years that your child’s well-being comes down to the fundamentals of family life. In particular the solidarity between parents and their committment to the inner and outer changes that having a new baby can bring.

1-2 years.

Your actions as a parent still largely contribute towards your child’s well-being.  Any inconsistencies here will show in varying degrees through your child’s health. If there are failings as an individual or a breakdown within the family unit your child will suffer.

3-5 years

Your child is growing at a rapid pace, illness often occurs at this time due to the development of new-found emotions. Children are learning to do a lot for themselves and emotionally this becomes a particularly challenging time. They need constant support from their loved ones at this time to learn how to best assess relationships with their peers.

Common ailments.

Ear infections: There is a need to take some time out and to listen to their needs, for in this instance they feel they are literally not being heard. This is usually in an area of mental/physical growth. Children love challenges that promote independence.

Fevers: A fever tends to come about if there has been a shift in priority. If there is discontent within the household, your child will suffer. Your child is in need for some one on one time. A change of focus and some major TLC will help to get you all on the right track.

Colds:  Diet related and often connected to the intent behind the food we give our children. ‘Soul Food’ in this case is a great remedy. Their favourite meals that show them they are well thought of and loved. Not only for comfort but for all over good health. Freshly squeezed juices/ lemonade, soups etc.

It can be hard for children to vocalise their needs. Often illness is the only way to provide that extra bit of nurturing and love that we tend to sometimes forget in the busyness of the day-to-day routine.


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