The face value of a reading, that is to say, the words and their direct meaning, only offer a very small portion of the value that lies within the guidance that you’ve received. The natural and instinctive questions that arise from such a session are often specifically designed to make you look deeper within yourself.

This inner exploration is the heart and soul of value fulfillment and your journey towards a better and more fulfilled life. Trust the questions that arise within you and trust yourself to intuitively find the answer.

Having said that, I do understand that from time to time the need to have a point clarified is quite strong and I respect that. In light of that I am happy to offer short clarifications within 7 days of a reading while the connection is still strong.

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To make a booking for an email reading please follow the simple steps below. First select the kind of reading you would like, select a date (you can expect your email within 24 hours of the date you select), fill in the required fields and then proceed to checkout.

I look forward to our reading!

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