The Importance of Quality

By June 6, 2013Weekly Blog


Quality is often looked upon as a luxury – I am here to inform you that this is simply not the case.

Quality is easier to come by than you may first suspect, and by all means should be a part of your day – just as much as anything else is. And because it comes in all forms it means it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – nor does it always have to fall under the umbrella of material objects.

Whether it is a perfect cup of coffee from your favourite coffee haunt or the throw that you have on the sofa in the cooler months – so soft – so perfect – it could make you cry.  For others it’s a cup of tea, a perfectly made bed, a piece of clothing that makes you feel like a million dollars, a pair of Vans, a glass of wine with dinner, watching a movie from one of your favorite directors, a piece of music or an hour with someone you love – doing something that you both enjoy. It can come in the shape of great produce locally sourced or an afternoon laughing it up with one of your besties.

What each of us deems to be quality is endless – and it will differ for everyone – but at its core – the act of embracing quality is an emotional decision about how far you are willing to pursue excellence, because excellence is something that we are all desirous of – but most of us just aren’t sure of how to go about attaining it. Fundamentally – this is the point that I am trying to make about the role that quality has to play in our lives – we need it – because without it – where would we get our little bursts of adrenalin from? Where would the joy come from in our lives that we all need to sustain us.

There is pleasure to be had out of life – and its up to you as an individual to find out what those things are and hold them close – reminding yourself on a daily basis how good it is to be alive. There is no rule of thumb except for the fact that you know that it is the best that it can be – and that by letting quality into your heart and lifting your spirits you are giving thanks – because when you are happy – you make others happy – simple as that.

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