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How you perceive others to be is a window to the way which you yourself feel, and is a clear indication of the faults that you need to work through. With closer analysis and a little digging  you can use how you feel about others as a guide to fixing your less commendable traits and foibles.  It will allow you the room to understand why others can be cruel with their ill-founded judgements, because it will provide you with the understanding, that they have things in their own lives that they need to work through. And with this new sense of recognition, your heart and mind will be open to positivity and a new way of thinking – which will not only improve your viewpoint, but cut through any murk that surrounds your thought patterns to provide you with a keener sense of observation and compassion for all.

When you find yourself mentally judging someone, take this as an opportunity to analyse exactly what it is that you are thinking about and correlate this thought towards yourself. You will find that there is an element there that relates to the way that you feel about yourself – and by acknowledging this, you are one step closer to vanquishing this negative thought pattern for once and all.

By using forgiveness and laughter you can walk yourself through any negative or overly judgemental thoughts that arise to come out the other end with a much more insightful awareness of how you really feel about yourself.

Situations where you are most likely to pass judgement:

Appearances of Others – dress or other: Not really too difficult to decipher, you would be in need for a tune up yourself, because if you look good, you feel good – and if you feel good, you look good – its a win win situation.

Female Virtue:  It is often said that females are each others worst critics, to a point this is true, because the way that women perceive other females to be, is a very good indication of how they feel about themselves and what is believed to be right and acceptable. You only need a little understanding of yourself to realise that the problem may lie in the way you feel about your past, or your own feelings associated with what it is to be a female.

The Art of Giving and Receiving:  This is highlighting your ability to give and receive, is it enough? Is it happily or begrudgingly? These are important factors in being able to give 100% of yourself at all times.

Patience and Tolerance:  If this kind of behaviour sticks out in particular, there is a reason for it. You yourself will need to exert a little more patience, understanding and tolerance into your life.

Listening Skills:  Again, another area, where you may fall short, listening is such an important skill, that if you feel frustration towards someone who lacks in this area, chances are you need to brush up just a little on your own listening skills.

Parenting skills:  For those that have children, this will come up quite a lot in the first few years of parenting –  by using the way that others choose to parent can aid in helping you to see the foibles of your own parenting skills. What you feel others lack, you may well be lacking yourself, so take heed and brush up on any area that is in need of help.

If you put your metal to the test you will find that in time, the way that you feel about others will improve ten-fold – which is a really good thing – because this in itself shows that you are happy with yourself.

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