What your clothes say about you

By October 25, 2012Weekly Blog

There is no end to how clothing represents you. How you feel in your clothes is a great indication of just where you are at, how successful you are deemed and how comfortable you are with yourself and your body. The symmetry is unmistakable.

Clothing can be and should be taken quite literally, if there is not enough emphasis on your good parts, and in fact you aren’t even sure what your good parts are and if you feel that what you are wearing isn’t quite right, this in itself is implying that you have not quite worked out where you see yourself fitting into the world, and that perhaps that the clothes you have been choosing are for all the wrong reasons.

Your opinion of the world and your place in it is right out there for all the world to see in not only what you choose to wear, but with the way that you choose to wear them.

In youth we are at our most experimental, our clothing in perfect unison with our minds. As teenagers we are working through things, testing the confines and the rules that we grew up with and finding and settling in to our own belief systems. The politics of our youth imprinted on every piece of clothing that we owned and the more alternative the better.

As we grow older we come to care less about what everyone else is wearing and care more about individuality. We have a better understanding of what it takes to make it in the world. Fashion is a passion that will never cease, but the passion is directed towards displaying who we are as opposed to what we think the world wants to see in order to be accepted.

It begins to make perfect sense to give away old clothes, when we make internal changes, our natural desire to change our wardrobe comes with it. Old clothes hint at an old you, and precious time is wasted dwelling over items in your closet that you no longer wear or need.

Having said that, there are definitely clothes that you should never part with, items that will have vintage appeal for your children. These will invariably include pieces from a happy time, items that hold good memories of positive growth and development.

If you don’t feel quite right in your clothes, this is a really good time to analyze why. Embracing change is healthy; if your clothes aren’t working for you, change them.

Quite simply dress for success.

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