Your Part of the Planet

By August 30, 2012Weekly Blog

Your garden – either it be the front or the back – speaks volumes about how you perceive your place in the world to be. It indicates what sort of person you are, and how your household fits into the community around you. It shows how you choose to contribute to the bigger picture – which is the world.

The front garden is the first thing that people see upon entering your property. This initial entry point is not only how you first choose to welcome people, but it is also how you choose to be seen by the people around you. For you not only share your front garden with your family, but with the neighbourhood and the community at large.

How you make yourself feel about your front garden is ultimately how you make others feel about you and your part of the planet. Is it warm and inviting, clean and clear of clutter and obtrusive objects? Or is it telling sign that you don’t have the time or the interest in making it better?

Gardening, in its most basic form, stimulates the inner senses by relieving any pressures that may have built up over the past few months. It alleviates stress and anxiety, when focusing on the earth and pulling out the weeds, by planting something beautiful you are providing yourself with the necessary stimulus for future happiness. In the time it takes to sweep a driveway or plant a native, you have unwittingly given yourself the time and space to quietly meditate on your life. It is one of the simplest but most effective ways to connect with your surroundings.

By choosing to maintain your front garden is by and large showing the people around you that are not only conscientious and giving, but that you take the time to nurture your part of the planet – that you care enough to make a difference, to not only your life, but to those around you.

Showing that you care enough to make your part of the planet the best it can be, is showing that you care about the world, by taking the time to improve it, even in the smallest way, is taking one step towards making your home and the world a better place.


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